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  • The Benefit of Colour and Art in the Business Sector

    Being a total advocate of art having a place in the business community,I wanted to offer evidence and also,the opportunity to perhaps discuss having my own particular artwork in an office environment as an experiment. There are so many drab,grey depressing office environments that staff have to endure throughout their working days. This has been […]

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  • Art has something else

      Art has something else to offer other than the visual. I am very fortunate to have an exhibition running live at Milton Keynes Central Library until January 2nd 2016. The event space is the perfect area being 100 square feet  having white walls and diffused lighting.An artists dream place. Because it is a public place […]

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  • New Art Exhibition November 2015

    Ricky Keech Welcome! I am hosting my very first exhibition this November 26th for at least two weeks .The venue is at Central Milton Keynes Library.Free entry in Library opening hours. My invited participating artists are Ricky Keech www.keechcreations.com A superb  artist featuring glass blown creativity. Len Gifford www.lgsculpture.co.uk.Len produces figurative sculptures that have been shown nationally […]

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  • Milton Keynes Arts Week

    I am a small part of a event this September 12-13th to talk and listen to other artists regarding a week of events for 2016. All artists will be welcome to come and talk with us at several venues to be announced.We are not trying to compete with other events but attempting to bring all […]

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  • Remembrance

    we went to tidy up the grave of grandparents last weekend.it was a lovely sunny day and plenty going on in the graveyard.A large gathering were holding a memorial service with an orthodox priest with smells and bells,they sang too.Beautiful sounds that joined the birdsong. Across the way was a traditional gypsy celebration of someones’ […]

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  • Media Puppets

      Here in the UK we have had a national election with some surprising results. What became obvious throughout the last days of the political campaigns was the absolute ridiculous antics of the parties concerned.It makes me question who on earth thinks up these photo opportunities and why would you allow yourself to be involved […]

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  • Discovery of England

    We spent a few days away with family in Derbyshire,a county that I have no knowledge.To my delight I found it to be a stunning naturally unspoilt area with incredible large landscape. Where have I been for so long to miss this gem? For goodness sake! We only live a couple of hours away! England […]

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  • Change

    Since my last post I have had to find a new art space in town.As you might imagine that treasure is a rare item.Most spaces are office lets and demand high rents for small rooms.There seems no allowance for the artisans to work and create. Does the world think that art just appears from nowhere? […]

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  • The Background that makes the foreground happen

    Yesterday I managed to go to London to meet with an old friend from Blackpool. Our lives took different pathways.and have only recently found each other again. He works in live theatre at one of the main shows in the capitol. Most of his work and his team goes on behind,and underneath the stage. You […]

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  • The New Nomads

    It appears, for artists,they have become nomads in my neck of the woods.There is no permanent affordable place wholly designated to art creation unless,you wish to adhere to conditions set by charitable organisations. i have been using an office for a year which,with some wall and floor protection ,has worked well for me.Unfortunately my landlord […]

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