Art has something else


IMG 21441 Art has something else image Art has something else

Art has something else to offer other than the visual.

I am very fortunate to have an exhibition running live at Milton Keynes Central Library until January 2nd 2016.

The event space is the perfect area being 100 square feet  having white walls and diffused lighting.An artists dream place.

Because it is a public place anyone and everyone has access daily within library hours.

I have had a great preview night and many visitors during the period it has been on show.

Three artists are exhibiting,Len Gifford with some beautiful figurative sculptures and Ricky Keech a master glass blower with lovely  glass creations.

As you would expect there have been many different remarks and opinions voiced while I have been there.i stay for around 2-3 hours daily as a part of my commitment.

Some folks step in the room and immediately step out,almost as it is a no go area with hazard signs. Mum and toddlers have loved and touched the sculptures which is a delight to see and remember.

I have had near homeless people gaze and express their lives through the paintings,two ladies with macular degeneration have been able to touch and feel the contours and texture ,that episode touched me deeply.

They were delighted to be led around the works and could read the titles fairly well. Note to self remember to keep that fonts and size as they are for the future.

Only this week a young disabled woman became totally animated over the colours and subject matter of some of my work.

Art has that ability to reach deep into lives and hearts if only for a moment.Have I sold any paintings yet? No, but in some way I have already accomplished what I set out to achieve.

The artwork has spoken for us,it has a life that brings hope and an excitement to someone,perhaps at a  sad or difficult time.

I feel gratified,satisfied and humbled all at the same time.Don’t give up creating -ever!