Media Puppets


Here in the UK we have had a national election with some surprising results.

What became obvious throughout the last days of the political campaigns was the absolute ridiculous antics of the parties concerned.It makes me question who on earth thinks up these photo opportunities and why would you allow yourself to be involved in such idiocy?

We have had leaders in high Viz jackets pretending to lay bricks etc pizza making, etc.A 2 metre slab of stone engraved with pledges.I have even had email invitations to donate to stand a chance of dinner with Hugh Grant?

My point is who writes the speeches? Who advises these so called, could be national leaders? The political election system has become a spin off from a show biz game show! Worse, it is now a media circus.

Are the media in control of our future politics?

KC S114 WB190 C image 300x271 Media Puppets

When we allow the armies of advisors,assistants and spin doctors to influence  communications to the public,the people are immediately aware.WE KNOW ALREADY OK!

This is yet another episode to try to make everything look better and to placate a hungry for truth and reality nation.
It has never worked.

At least it will be the end of the abhorrent practise of using primary school children to show how lovely and family minded they all are…

We all long for reality from our political leadership.Has it always,but always to be a media organised session.Are you all so insecure as to need that constant,pat on the back and look at how well we are all doing,photo opportunity.

Wouldn’t it be awesome for a number them to go and help someone,to clean up something without being the centre of attention ¬†for once.

There are so many unsung heroes in our communities who ask for nothing,neither privilege nor fame.
Spontaneous acts of kindness by strangers is remembered a lot longer than a speech or politically charged fame opportunity.

Wake up and grow up.

Write your own words speak your own thoughts.