The New Nomads

P1140232 300x300 The New Nomads

Sea Diamonds

It appears, for artists,they have become nomads in my neck of the woods.There is no permanent affordable place wholly designated to art creation unless,you wish to adhere to conditions set by charitable organisations.
i have been using an office for a year which,with some wall and floor protection ,has worked well for me.Unfortunately my landlord is moving out because his landlord is non negotiable on the rents in place.
Hence I am searching for a new home.
This city does hold art as a valuable asset to the community but provides so little for permanent and affordable bases for the art makers.
I am speaking on the individual artist who wishes to work hard on techniques and pursue their chosen pathway and produce beautiful work.
There are some gatherings but it is a rare thing to have an ongoing rental contract for a space.I know this subject will ring bells with other artists around the world.
I live in Milton Keynes,a city of 210,000 people,it is thriving and has great employment.There is a theatre,wonderful art gallery and many great services.
That is why I am frustrated and,also puzzled over the lack of offered art space here.
Artists are treated like they have to have a begging bowl or push and shove to get funding just to work.
This post is not a negative about my locality, it is a hope for a better future for artists and makers.