Discovery of England

P1140783 e1430057473626 225x300 Discovery of England

P1140833 e1430057759522 225x300 Discovery of England

Landscape at Wheatcroft

We spent a few days away with family in Derbyshire,a county that I have no knowledge.To my delight I found it to be a stunning naturally unspoilt area with incredible large landscape.
Where have I been for so long to miss this gem? For goodness sake! We only live a couple of hours away!
England as a country has so many beautiful places,so many gorgeous hideaways.
We have travelled from Northumberland,amazing beaches to Cornwall,amazing beaches!
We have so much here,I am so thankful to be born in England.
Having travelled and lived in Europe,Canada and USA i have reached the conclusion that we have some of the greatest countryside in the world.
Look around and see.