Since my last post I have had to find a new art space in town.As you might imagine that treasure is a rare item.Most spaces are office lets and demand high rents for small rooms.There seems no allowance for the artisans to work and create.
Does the world think that art just appears from nowhere? Or, is it like an old elvis movie, where the band just appear at the right moment to back elvis?
There is a process and a lot of time in the development of art no matter what the genre may be.
Strange that the business world has all the room,even the vast empty buildings stay waiting for some company to take the lease for years.

I am very fortunate to have found a space with a local collective called Arts Central in Milton Keynes.
I have now to adjust to people of all age groups coming and going.Not only a change of place but a change of mind set.

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Red Dancer