What motivates me to keep going?

i grew up without any desire to paint or anything academic either.i wanted to be in a successful rock band.hey i still do!

That youth driven desire maybe have dimmed down but I am still writing music and,I sorely miss playing live.

Life seems strange how things turn out. I keep going to leave behind something that i have finally accomplished by hard work and total passionate joy.

I keep going because there is much to see and try out while I am able.I keep going to make up for all the years i have wasted feeding my ego with wild unrealistic goals.

I admit I drew as a youngster and constructed the airplane and galleons along with thousands of other boys in the 1950/s but that was the sum of my artistic endeavours.

Fast forward a few decades to 2002,the year I had a melt down emotionally and mentally.the only thing that brought me back to planet earth was starting to draw again.

i remember being quite pleased with my efforts with drawing,and painting, dark cherries on paper.Those cherries are still around somewhere.

Over the next ten years I have kept drawing and painting from watercolour on paper to acrylic on canvas.to find out that easels move was a quite unsettling for a while.

My statement is “If I can see it I can paint it” Physically seeing and also in my mind’s eye,if that makes sense.i am not a realist painter at all but,i will see a leaf and development an idea from that fleeting image.

I have experimented i with linoprint and, resin coatings on acrylic paint and gels. i have a love of texture,colour and the way that light  reflection changes everything.

Stay with me and I will dig deeper another time