When I was an up and coming,so I thought,young, desperate to be famous musician,I wrote a letter asking for advice to a seasoned drum teacher professional.
This man was revered,though old school to my mind,an excellent technician who had a high profile in the music jazz world.
I guess I was excited on the reply I might receive,my imagination went crazy.
The reply certainly dampened my imagination.I was berated for not including a stamped addressed envelope which was a normal procedure when writing to a professional person.
Being a lad from lancashire i wasn’t to know that was I?
As I grew and continued to play drums in bands I looked, with longing, at the drum catalogues that I received,which were shot through the letter box on very numerous occasions.

i moved into recording and touring and support for many name bands still,writing music. Now I could send tapes to unsuspecting record companies and A & R people who ,most likely,dropped them into the waste paper basket on receipt.

These days we have soundcloud youtube etc how times have changed,good changes too I believe.But there is no longer the thrill of those catalogues!