Love Eternally lives On

We went for a walk after dinner tonight,not an hour ago.
There is a 12th century church very close in a beautiful setting,just 5 minutes from our front door.
We really know just how blessed we are to live here,it hasn’t always been this way.
Outside this church is a quiet garden where you are able to sit and ponder or take in the flowers and birdsong.
In the birdbath tonight was a single red rose wrapped in foil with its tip in the water.
it caused me to consider that when a loved one dies,love doesn’t die with stays and lingers long.

On our return home we came across a young loving couple trying out photo shoot poses in the settings before they are married.
As one passes on and that relationship changes,yet another pair of lovers carry the flame of love into a new and exciting future together.
Be kind to one another.