For artists,the main focus is to produce professional accomplished art.They are concerned with the subject matter,style and development of their technique.We all have an individual technique because we are all unique.Singularly special.
it has been said to me many times “you need to enjoy what you do”.That emotion,for myself, might come at the end of the work or, it may pop its’ head up after a particularly fine stroke of colour.The focus for me is always what I am trying to accomplish.
I have never been a hobby person.it is either full on commitment or nothing. When it comes to getting our names and work out to the world,that is the test.I recently listened to a comment regarding Percy Kelly a brilliant,fairly unknown artist from Cumbria UK.
“He could hardly bear to sell his work because he loved it so much”. I,on the other hand like many others are very happy to see their work sell.That’s my point.It won’t sell unless you promote it.we cannot expect the world to come begging or trying to find us.We have to go to the mountain ourselves.Just get on with it,just saying.