cropped A Bigger Splash1 300x75 AnticipationI have been painting with some intent over the last ten years.It is a journey without an ending often bringing a lot of emotional extremes good and gross.
I don’t believe there is any other way of developing your technique,attitude and determination but,that also depends on where you are in the game of selling artwork.
One of the major irritations is were to store your work.We need space to paint and,we also need space to store artwork too.
my range of work runs from 8″x 8″ to 100cm sq,needless to say the small work is easiest to manage!
Recently I have sold a 4′ x 2′ x 4″ painting which is marvellous,it was painted in 2012 and has been hung and stored a few times.At least it has now gone to a genuine art lover.